tiistai 10. syyskuuta 2013

#2 Post in English

A week ago I had an exhibition from caféteria called "Kahvilla". The opening were succesful. The place wasn't so big but during the few hours which we celebrated the premiere there were so many friends and so many people. Thank you for coming ^^

 Here is some pictures by Tindessa

I will do the documentation on next week, when I have more time
Even I've been quite busy when I got back to Finland, I've been painting as much as last Spring. With my classmates, we have own classroom, like a studio or something, which each of us have own working space for doing art or just saving stuff. I have spent lot hours in my 'spot', because I rather stay at school painting before my work starts at the theatre.

Here's some results. Little bit different than above.

 (no name), acryl and ink

 Flower-cancer, acryl and ink

 All around the world, acryl, coffee and ink

'Ass', acryl, coffee and ink

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